Cell2in, a leading pioneer in the field of cell therapy, is a center for biopharmaceutical R&D and was co-founded by professors from top-ranked universities in South Korea. Our main research interests are focused on the development of cell quality monitoring techniques and their application for cell therapy.

Cell therapy is a promising approach for developing a safe and efficient treatment for degenerative diseases and cancer. Despite its clinical potential, the cell therapy industry has yet to overcome a major drawback – the absence of quality control methods, which are essential when evaluating the usefulness of therapeutics. To resolve this challenge, we have a developed revolutionary platform technology for quality control assessment in cell therapy.

Based on our platform technology, FreSHtracer™, we are discovering new effective ways to enhance the viability of stem cells (regenerative medicine), provide quality control measures for the production of all cells (cell mass production), enhance the viability of immune cells (immunotherapy), provide toxicology and antioxidant screenings for pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetic ingredients, food chemicals, and potential antioxidants; and create the next generation of cosmetic products.

FreSHtracer™ is the world’s first fluorescent real-time thiol tracer which specifically targets Glutathione (GSH) – GSH is the body’s main antioxidant which protects from harmful oxygen damage. FreSHtracer™ is a small molecular probe that easily penetrates into cells and all cellular components without damaging the cell and measures the level of GSH in cells.