Cellect Biotechnology (APOP) Announces Positive Results From Cell2in Collaboration

2019-03-12 15:07

Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. (Nasdaq: APOP), a developer of a novel stem cell production technology, today announced positive preliminary results from its collaboration with Cell2in, a privately-held South Korean company focused on improving the quality of stem cells. Results of this third-party study further validate that Cellect's Apograft™ technology significantly improves both proliferation and functional capabilities of hematopoietic (HSC) and mesenchymal (MSC) stem cells originating from bone marrow, peripheral blood, umbilical cord, and adipose tissue.

"The data, which has now been validated through a third-party corporate collaboration, demonstrates that Cellect's ApoGraft™ technology enables improved quality stem cell production at a lower cost by providing a platform technology aimed at benefiting multiple stem cell therapy products," commented Shai Yarkoni, Cellect's Chief Executive Officer. "Together with our clinical data of allogeneic bone HSC (bone marrow) transplantation, this new program further supports the significance of the ApoGraft™ technology to all allogenic cell therapy. This is particularly relevant for MSCs, where the industry is moving towards off-the-shelf therapies requiring much larger expansions and represents a sizeable market opportunity for Cellect."


Link : Cellect Biotechnology (APOP) Announces Positive Results From Cell2in Collaboration