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Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy showing a baby in the womb which represents stem cells -- which come from the umbilical cord. R&D Services

South Korea is one of the few countries in the world that has flexible government policies toward stem cells; such that South Korea has been able to rapidly advance the field of stem cell research on behalf of other nations.

Cell2in offers a number of assays and services for researching and developing stem cell therapies. We are prepared to help you with a custom designed research project or perform routine assays with the aid of our FreSHtracerTM fluorescent probes. At Cell2in, we are committed to establishing the safety and efficacy of therapeutic cells throughout the research process.

Quality Control of Stem Cells

A picture of a microscope which represents our quality control of stem cells

One of the main reasons stem cells have not received FDA approval has been due to their lack of quality control in the past – the cell’s quality was unable to be measured, and researchers could not produce consistent results. However, Cell2in has discovered the first method to quality-control and assess stem cells. Currently, the FDA does not restrict the use of stem cells taken from a patient and used to treat that same patient.

Have your stem cells quality control assured by Cell2in. We provide our service of screening stem cells with FreSHtracerTM and sorting the stem cells into three categories depending on their GSH levels. From our tests, we have shown that stem cells with high GSH concentrations consistently function, engraft, replicate, and migrate better than stem cells that have not gone through our quality control process.

Cell Culture Media

A representative picture for our stem cell culture media.

At Cell2in, we strive to create the best possible cell culture media for stem cells to grow and thrive. We have specifically formulated high-quality cell culture media by conducting tests to select only the best nutrients and ingredients geared toward augmenting GSH levels and recovery for cells with the intention of eventually being able to take our high-quality cell culture media through clinical trials.

Contact us if you are interested in our media or would like us to formulate media for your cell type.

Pharmaceutical Drug / Food / Antioxidant Screening

A picture showing that we are able to screen any chemical compound for its toxicity.

At Cell2in, we provide laboratory GSH screening services for pharmaceutical drugs, food, or antioxidants being developed and tested. By using our revolutionary glutathione (GSH) measuring fluorescent probe, FreSHtracerTM, we are able to detect oxidative stress that compounds may induce within the cell; knowing how fast the cells recover from the oxidative stress is an indicator of the beneficial effects of the compound. Cell2in will work with you to design your testing needs so that we can provide consistent, reliable data for you.

Cosmetic Testing

A picture showing a cosmetic product. This is to show that we are capable of screening cosmetic ingredients.

Glutathione (GSH) is important not only as an antioxidant but also as a valuable molecule at preventing aging. GSH, through its antioxidant property, also has the capability of skin whitening by inhibiting melanin synthesis. Thus any cosmetic ingredient that consumes skin cell’s GSH is toxic – which we can measure in live cells with FreSHtracerTM. If the cosmetic ingredients increase the skin’s GSH level, then they have the potential to be marketed as anti-aging or skin whitening products.

According to the FDA, companies and individuals who market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. At Cell2in, we will test your cosmetic ingredients to help in the process of ensuring its safety, purity, and efficacy. We are also able to test cosmetic products to isolate which compounds have the most anti-aging and skin whitening effects.


A picture showing our Cell2skin products. With GSH high stem cells, we can make better stem cell cosmetic products.

At Cell2in, we will soon be offering our very own cosmetic ingredients – Cell2skinTM – to be used in various cosmetic products. Cell2skin are cosmetic ingredients, harvested from stem cells, to enhance the skin’s moisture, reduce skin aging, eliminate wrinkles, increase skin whitening, and help prevent damage from the sun. With the human body’s own naturally produced ingredients, cosmetic products can reach the next level in beauty.
Stay tuned as Cell2skinTM will become available soon.


A picture showing a test tube with red water in it. This represents our diagnostic capabilities through the use of GSHtracer diagnose various blood cancers.

Cell2in has been hard at work to create the next diagnostic tools. Our diagnostic tools will help provide something unique to the market. By using FreSHtracerTM to measure the oxidative stress of affected cells, we can gauge the severity of disease in a way that no other diagnostic test has been capable of doing, until now.

We are developing blood diagnostic kits to measure the complications of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. When using these diagnostic tests, doctors can have a more complete understanding of their patient. Additionally, we are developing diagnostic tests to be able to measure the severity of various blood cancers. Lastly, we will have a diagnostic kit to measure cancer through the use of NK cells.

Before our diagnostic kits come to market, we are glad to help diagnose your sample at our laboratory.

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