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For non-scientists, we recommend that you first take a look at our information on Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Glutathione (GSH).

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(Fluorescence real-time thiol(SH) tracer)

  • Measures Glutathione in Real-Time
  • Works in All Cell Types
  • Simple and Fast Analysis
  • Requiring Only Small Amounts of Sample
FreSHtracer GSH Hela Cell
Real-time GSH measurement with FreSHtracer

Glutathione recovery after oxidant stress can be seen in this Real-Time Video using FreSHtracerTM

FreSHtracer™ is the first newly-designed fluorescent dye in the world to safely measure the level of Glutathione(GSH) in living cells. FreSHtracer™ is a small molecular probe that easily penetrates into cells and all cellular components. FreSHtracer™ works by binding to the Thiol (-SH) group of GSH.

The reaction between FreSHtracer™ and Glutathione(GSH) showing its reversibility.

When FreSHtracer™ is bound to GSH, it fluoresces at a peak of 510nm (F510), and when it unbinds from GSH, it continues to fluoresce at a peak of 580nm (F580). By measuring the fluorescent amount of F510 to F580, we can measure the amount of GSH throughout the cell. The binding and unbinding of FreSHtracer™ to GSH is completely reversible, so it will not consume the cell’s GSH by measuring it.

F510 and F580

FreSHtracer™ exhibits a concentration-dependent fluorescent intensity – the more GSH bound to the dye, the brighter it gets.

Ratiometric FreSHtracer

FreSHtracer™ is ratiometric! GSH is measured by the level of bound GSH to FreSHtracer™ (F510) and unbound FreSHtracer™ (F580).

FreSHtracer works in all cells

FreSHtracerTM is capable of measuring GSH in All Cell Types.

All cells have different levels of GSH.   With a FACS machine, sort cells into 3 categories using FreSHtracer™

Sort and select cells by their GSH levels (See our GSH-High Cell Therapy). A valuable quality control tool to monitor cell passaging and ensure GSH levels are maintained.  

GSH FACS Sorting
FACS sorting by glutathione levels
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At Cell2in, we are currently developing other organelle-specific fluorescent FreSHtracer™ probes.

MitoFreSHtracer Logo
Measurement of Mitochondrial GSH
GolgiFreSHtracer Logo
Measurement of the Golgi Apparatus GSH
FreSHtracer-diAM Logo
Longer, Clearer Background, Measurement of Whole Cell GSH

FreSHtracer™’s Advantage Over Other Methods

  1. In High-performance liquid chromatography and Capillary electrophoresis, cells must be lysed(destruction of the cell membrane).
  2. Ellman’s Reagent, Monochlorobimane, and Monobromobimane irreversibly react with GSH making real-time measurement impossible.
  3. Grx1-roGFP is a large protein sensor that utilizes a virus to gain entry into cells but does not get absorbed by every cell and only measures levels of GSSG.
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