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With our line of FreSHtracerTM probes, researchers can target exactly where they would like to measure intracellular glutathione, in real-time.

MitoFreSHtracer Reaction and Chemical Structure

MitoFreSHtracerTM specifically targets the mitochondria of cells.  The probe binds to the inner wall of the mitochondria and continues to measure GSH in the event of membrane permeabilization and loss of potential.   MitoFreSHtracerTM is highly recommended for use in stem cells.

Mitochondrial Glutathione with MitoFreSHtracer
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GolgiFreSHtracerTM specifically targets the Golgi Apparatus of cells.     GolgiFreSHtracerTM is recommended for use in antibody or protein production cells, e.g. CHO cells.

Golgi Apparatus glutathione with GolgiFreSHtracer
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FreSHtracer-diAMTM measures GSH throughout the entire cell, just like FreSHtracerTM.  However, FreSHtracer-diAMTM has a di(acetoxymethyl ester) which gets cleaved inside the cell, leaving two negative charges.  This ensures that FreSHtracerTM does not easily exit the cell, allowing for retained GSH intracellular measurement with a strong reduction of the background signal.

Retention of FreSHtracer-diAM probe to measure Glutathione
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