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Biopharmaceutical R&D of a Korean Lab

Cell2in, a leading pioneer in the field of cell therapy, is a center for biopharmaceutical R&D and was co-founded by professors from top-ranked universities in South Korea.

Since our company’s conception in 2016, our main research interest has been to improve the quality of cells – particularly cell therapy, stem cells, and cell culturing.  From this, we are developing improvements in regenerative medicine, improved vitality of stem cells, and identification of compounds to enhance cells through cell culture media or be used in cosmetics.

However, quality control methods in cell therapy, which are essential when evaluating the usefulness of therapeutics, have been absent. To resolve this challenge, Cell2in has developed a revolutionary platform technology for quality control assessment in cell therapy.

At Cell2in, we are charting territories where no other company in the world has gone before. It is our mission to advance the field of medicine. By developing quality control techniques and treatments through the augmentation of Glutathione in cells, treatments like stem cell therapy may become safe and viable options for people suffering from disease.